Wrestling is a combative, contact sport that takes time and training to master. While there is no "given age" to start training, every level has certain skills that are building blocks to a successful career. When these skills are taught in a positive environment with qualified instruction, learning will take place.

TURNER WRESTLING TRAINING is a system of highly effective training taught in a wholesome environment and structured to meet the individual needs of all wrestlers - from the beginner to the advanced. It is a wrestling school with a set curriculum. We teach fundamental skills and sound technique at every level and incorporate competition to allow the wrestlers to experience what they are learning.

"My goal as head coach has always been to teach athletes how to train in order to maximize their God-given potential. The athletes who apply this training will show improvement, enjoy the thrill of competition, and make a positive contribution to their team. If you love wrestling, you'll love Turner Wrestling Training."

- Head Coach & Founder: Neil Turner, Director & Coach of the Mat-Town USA Wrestling Club, Lock Haven, PA